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Hey kiddlywinks!

I’m open for commissions!

At present there are five slots available, and more to be added, contingent upon my workflow.







Warm-up sketches for today.

Artwork copyright 2014 Katrina E. Kunstmann

Warm up sketches for today, 7.15.2014

Tiny giftie for long time friend nomortaldares of our long since defunct RP characters.  I totally fucked with the hair styles. Yep.

Artwork copyright 2014 Katrina E. Kunstmann
Michaele copyright Katrina
Joseph copyright nomortaldares

Joseph also, incidentally, may look similar to human!Stanley.
Will investigate further.

Off to draw a church. 8D

(Those necks turned out pretty damn swell if I do say do myself.)



WARHEAD, Adam, Vivian copyright 2013-2014 Katrina E. Kunstmann

Exit through the giftshop.

Second verse same as the first.



WARHEAD, Adam, Vivian copyright 2013-2014 Katrina E. Kunstmann


WARHEAD pages for this week.

"You do it to yourself."

This turned out pretty damn good I think.

10x15 print at Booth L-06 at SDCC

Adam, WARHEAD copyright 2013-2014 Katrina E. Kunstmann

And with this I can finally slap proper copyright tags on all my recent illustrations and send them off to the printers….

Cause damn does my neck need a break.

Warm up sketches for today.

Anyone play Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles? That was a pretty good game. Been listening to the soundtrack and some Kodo while I’ve been working to chill out.
Makes me want to play the game again.

I haven’t played it in a good….oh god…seven years or so.
Might dig it out this week.

"He’s a Dandy guy, in space."

Artwork copyright 2014 Katrina E. Kunstmann
Space Dandy copyright 2014 Bones Inc

Geared up for season two? Hells yes.

"Dinner Break."

Artwork copyright 2014 Katrina E. Kunstmann

Haruko, Canti copyright GainaxTank Girl copyright Hewlette and Martin

I must admit here I’m not a raging fan of Tank Girl by any means or measure, but I think that if Haruko and Tank Girl crossed paths, they’d be buddies.

But really this was just an excuse to draw Canti working a ramen stand, and it took a great act of self control to not make the background the ramen dimension from Space Dandy.

S’bout it.

"Tsundere Summoning"

Artwork, Concept copyright 2014 Katrina E. Kunstmann

Mystery gift-art for baddanger.
When I asked (anonymously) what he’d want, he said “an unholy amalgamation” of occult, cyperpunk and weeaboo nonsense with gore, smutt, etc. So I did, with a bit of tongue and cheek regarding moe and tsundere. (Could’ve been smuttier, I admit, but this was the first idea I had and I liked it so I ran with it.)
Seal in the BG does have some loosely thrown together meaning, if you know your symbols.

There are about four different colour versions of this piece.  I finally decided to go with this one to get it over with, might post the alts later.

S’about it.  Gonna go for my walk now.

Warm-ups from four days ago. My internet has been weird and I’ve been juggling projects as always.

Artwork copyright 2014 Katrina E. Kunstmann

My warm-up sketch sessions are quickly turning into “drawing roughs for full pieces I don’t have time to do right now.”

And considering the trajectory of my recent media diet has been:
Space Dandy » Cowboy Bebop re-watch » TJ and Amal re-read;
I’ve had a hair up my ass to do some fanart of these two.

So this rough is going into the post WonderCon pile with a few others.
Still needs a lot of work, clearly, but it could fly. 
If I don’t over-think it too much.

TJ and Amal copyright E.K. Weaver
Sketch copyright Katrina E. Kunstmann

Warm-up sketches from today. :>