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My warm-up sketch sessions are quickly turning into “drawing roughs for full pieces I don’t have time to do right now.”

And considering the trajectory of my recent media diet has been:
Space Dandy » Cowboy Bebop re-watch » TJ and Amal re-read;
I’ve had a hair up my ass to do some fanart of these two.

So this rough is going into the post WonderCon pile with a few others.
Still needs a lot of work, clearly, but it could fly. 
If I don’t over-think it too much.

TJ and Amal copyright E.K. Weaver
Sketch copyright Katrina E. Kunstmann

Warm-up sketches from today. :>



The boys after a night of mandatory New Years debauchery.

[I, on the other hand…didn’t even stay up till midnight.  I know how to party hard.]

WARHEAD, Adam, Topher, Doole copyright 2013 Katrina E. Kunstmann

Reblogging to my primary. :p

Stanley has hair now.

I don’t know if I’m entirely on board with it.
To be honest, I kinda got used to him being bald.

If I could, I’d love for the hair to be removable as him without hair is an unparalleled reference tool.

Anyway, so I’m glad I at least got that done (kinda) before the close of 2013.

I made the tiny raven egg because of a raven related dream I had last night.

Speaking of sleep, Imma take a shower and be off to bed.
What do you guys think of Stanley’s hair?



So text alignment and such things are still an art which I fail to grasp.
Please stay with me while I attempt to master it, a herp a derp derp.

Russian Circles totally pulled me through this mofo.

Pretty damn happy with it though.

Thumbs be going down tomorrow cause I don’t have any left to work with, then assuming I don’t go houdini and drive to the coast like a reckless heathen, I’ll be getting on with pages over the weekend.

If I cannot get all the requisite pages done in time [which I doubt] WARHEAD will be going on pause for a few weeks so I can get my Eggshells Collection work done and dusted.

Anywho, time to go get my sleep on.

WARHEAD pg5 up :>



WARHEAD, Adam, Ahmed the goatman, characters, concept copyright 2013 Katrina E. Kunstmann

So this turned out a lot better than I thought it would.
Not entirely sure how I’m going to handle backgrounds yet, but this could work, till I get myself even keel in my comicking-stirrups.


Seriously, that is pretty much the best damn thing I’ve ever drawn.

Not an Adam.

Not a Stanley.

A goddamn goat man.
(Named Ahmed after the kid who lived next door to me in West London who apparently was the bane of all existence for his brother who would pound on the back garden gate every goddamn day and scream his name.)

Put that shit in a box and ship it off to the Louvre, I’m done.

Burbaderp derp, reblogging for anyone who is silly enough to not be following the WARHEAD blog.


WARHEAD, page 1

Sooooooooo working at a high resolution may be my least favorite thing ever, which is why this took forever.

We’ll see how quickly tomorrow comes.  I was going to have 1 and 2 ready today, but my computer kinda crashed on me and I had to spend an hour or so cleaning it so it could handle such a large file.

Adam, WARHEAD copyright 2013 Katrina E. Kunstmann

So here’s a sample character sketch from my contribution to the Eggshells Collection.

It’s me. Topless. Which considering the content of Eggshells is not surprising. I’m pretty happy with this new tablet and it’s abilities. As I told Lefteri, I feel its improved my digital work at least five fold.

Not that cranking out comic pages doesn’t make me get a case of the vapors, cause it totes does as I don’t have oodles of experience or reference material.  If I had the money I’d buy a copy of Watchmen, because I recall the paneling being really exquisite. At this point I have Chew, which is okay; SAGA, which is excellent artwise but I can’t remember if the paneling is good; a few volumes of Sandman which is pretty good in both respects; and a smattering of other comics, the likes of which I cannot recall and I am not sure if I’ve lent out or not.

I honestly shouldn’t stress too much though. Composition has usually been one of my strong points.  Just gotta lean into the fear. ;>

Anyway, doing thumbs for Eggshells today and maybe if I don’t have to go to Bakersfield to pick up my brother from surgery, some character sheets for WARHEAD, which I hope some certain persons might find exciting. :>

I really need to get a better chair for my desk though. :/

ps - I had banana oatmeal waffles for breakfast. :> aw yus.

Hot damn if pressure sensitive tablets haven’t made me love love digital, I don’t know what will.

Adam, WARHEAD copyright Katrina E. Kunstmann 2013

ps - this comic is going to get under way in the next few days. stay tuned. :>


Stanley, artwork, character, concept copyright 2013 Katrina E. Kunstmann

My new BG. It doesn’t work fantastically, but oh well. I’ll do something else later.

I screwed up on his shoulder, couldn’t fix it, alas. The rest is fuckin kickin though.


Artwork, concept, character copyright 2013 Katrina E. Kunstmann

Did this in roughly 30-40min last night.  Quick and delightfully liberating.

Will do more later. :>

No livestream for tonight cause I cannot negotiate my laptop onto my drawing table. The piece is too big and there be too much shit.

Here are some teasers though [and my half finished Stanley sculpture]:


"Mind Honey" concept, artwork copyright 2013 Katrina E. Kunstmann
Lineart for my semi-yearly solstice piece. [When I remember to do it, and have time.]

My homestuck friends will get the name. ;p  I do believe though that psychic energy is a mind honey, of sorts, that we collectively can connect to a hive mind, if you will when we merge with the void.
I should probably do some actual Sollux fanart for all the homestucks that are going to inadvertently stumble upon this and get upset. whoops.

Anyway.  This morning when I was taking my daily two mile walk, in this one empty field there were four ravens playing on a hillside, and as the Solstice sun was rising, they made a perfect cross [old school style, like a giant “+”, designating the equinoxes to the left and right, and the solstices at top and bottom.] It inspired me to do this, and also finally make a piece with bees drinking from third eye nectar, as I’d been wanted to do for some time.
I think my favorite part was letting go and doing the stylistic lines on the ravens. Cutting loose, aw yea.

This piece and its composition is heavily influenced by the gorgeous works of Ravynne Phelan. Though I guess its more appropriate to say that her composition echoes the compositional styles I already use and am fond of, she is simply more intricate, patient and complete; which is a good pat of why I love her work.  Apart from the fact that it’s amazingly gorgeous and sings to my soul.

This won’t be coloured any time soon, but the I’m very proud of the lines, so here they are. :>

Off to feed the cats, have something to eat, and light a bonfire. xxx