Warm-ups for today.

Apparently when I’m sick I just draw dude faces. 
Or something. 
Because my brain isn’t up to thinking about compositions for really important pieces.

Similar to how it is not up to thinking about what to have for dinner.

The sickness aside, I’m actually pretty fucking awesome as of late.
I think a solid bout of boot knockin and life would be golden.

Artwork copyright 2014 Katrina E. Kunstmann

be doop

Heads up my phone is out of charge and not sure when it’ll be alive again [forgot my charger in Orange, my bad] so email me if you need to get in touch.

So I have far too many cosplay photos I snapped at WonderCon to effectively upload at this time [it would be like, five or six sets of ten and just…no….]  I’ll probably link my fb album or something. Too bad I can’t link the vid I took of being chased by an R2 unit.

Instead here is a photo our neighbor Ron of Inferno Los Angeles took after he had given me a tiny paper boat he folded.
It is on my head.  And you should totes check out Inferno LA. :>

Awww look you can see all the shit behind/under the booth.This is as back-stage awesome as it gets folks, sorry.

May The Fourth

I am really torn.

I really want to hit up the May the Fourth diggs at Das Bunker, but I also want to do Free Comic Book Day events.

The comicshop I was going to set up at is four hours in the opposite direction of Das Bunker.

Decision time.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at WonderCon this weekend! We had a great time. :>

See y’all at Big Wow Comic Fest in San Jose next month!


Hey guys, it’s the last day to come see us at WonderCon!  Stop on by and say hi! :>


This is the booth! (featuring KK and Amanda, I’m taking the picture.) come find us! :D

Hey all, come visit us at WARHEAD KEK this weekend at WonderCon, booth 097 in the Small Press Area!

Just look for the acid green. :>


But srsly though


If you ever find yourself in a Disney movie


And someone or something starts being mysteriously surrounded by lime green


Stay away from the thing


Everything lime green is evil


Just remember that.


Everything lime green is evil.

Actually we went over that in color theory, lime green /is/ evil. It’s actually a fantastic way of telling your audience, hey, this shit is evil. Works even better than red, because red can have positive connotations.


It’s true!

Well shit.

Guess my protagonist is actually my villain.

And I guess I’m actually a villain too, considering I wear this colour all the goddamn time.

(Source: djpaige)


WARHEAD will be at WonderCon this weekend, April 18th - 20th, at Small Press Booth 097, WARHEAD K.E.K.!

There will be WARHEAD comics and swag, fanart prints and postcards, AND we’ll be taking commissions!

kendraw will be taking sketch commissions and ksanzo will be taking sketch commissions AND full colour digital commissions!
Mmmm, tasty.

Come peruse, chat and gander out wares! :>


My warm-up sketch sessions are quickly turning into “drawing roughs for full pieces I don’t have time to do right now.”

And considering the trajectory of my recent media diet has been:
Space Dandy » Cowboy Bebop re-watch » TJ and Amal re-read;
I’ve had a hair up my ass to do some fanart of these two.

So this rough is going into the post WonderCon pile with a few others.
Still needs a lot of work, clearly, but it could fly. 
If I don’t over-think it too much.

TJ and Amal copyright E.K. Weaver
Sketch copyright Katrina E. Kunstmann

Warm-up sketches from Sunday.

Been too busy to post them, going to a wedding and drawing comic pages n’ what not. ;p

That Space Dandy sketch is totally going to become a larger piece sometime after WonderCon.

I am now a hyena

I sent Lefteri an “Aloha, Baby" post card, and wrote "What’s up sugar butt" on it in Greek.

Or so I thought.

As I learned today, after it arrived to his humble abode, google translate actually spit out my sassy come-on as “who/what is the butt of sugar” [without a question mark, mind you]

I legitimately laugh out loud when I think about it. 
Like I’m some sort shitty villain from a 1970’s pulp film, fucking mailing a semi-erotic postcard inscribed with a failed attempt at a deep, probing question of the cosmos while I twirl my mustache, imagining the psychological trauma and night terrors of pompadours and hella booty that I’ve caused.

Good job, me.



WARHEAD, Adam copyright 2013-2014 Katrina Kunstmann

Sorry for the delay, tumblr was just refusing to upload the page yesterday.

Boop boop boop, new page up.