Check it, real hipster.

In actuality something killed a woodpecker and I found many blood stained feathers during my morning walk. Along with a few mystery feathers, no doubt from the culprit. #feathers #nature #hipsterwoodpecker #warheadcomic #beepbeepdorkalert

Re-order Complete

For anyone who ordered a copy of Issue01 from me after I sold out at SDCC, I put in the restock order today, should be here in the next two weeks or less.

You’ll be receiving emails soon inquiring about your “sorry you have to pay for shipping cause I sold out” sketches.

Back to grinding out Issue03.

Throw-Back Thursday

Film School in London

Back-bending while Phil tests out a fish-eye lens.

Smoking on the fire escape with Callum, when I still smoked and the fire escape was still the smoking area. When I still wore a motorcycle jacket.

The view of East London from the roof, looking down on Brick Lane towards Whitechapel.

All photos are credit to Phil Nichol, who is completely awesome and an excellent cinematographer and you should check him out here or just watch his showreel. (I will plug Phil till the end of time, deal with it.)

Dear Internet,
A box containing three cans of instant chai mix appeared at my door today. I did not order this chai. There was no note and no invoice. Who sent me this chai?
Tell me so I can shower you in affection.
A very confused Katrina




Cristian Castro


In case there was any confusion as to the scale, that is an actual Beetle hood.

I’ll need one that’s actually functional for use as my new warsteed. And another six at least for the army- lieutenants deserve riding beasts, right?




Theo Jansen  Strandbeest

Side note: These don’t have motors. They’re completely momentum/wind-powered and literally just wander around beaches unsupervised like giant abstract monsters.

these are both amazing and COMPLETELY TERRIFYING

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Casually drawing a man being skinned alive while listening to the most bubblegum sugar-pop du-wop music I’ve got.

Livin the good life, yes sir. :>

Warm-up sketches for today.

Artwork copyright 2014 Katrina E. Kunstmann

An excellent Lord Baelish. Presently my fav in GoT so I was stoked when he strolled by the booth. #sdcc2014 #GoT #gameofthrones

Steampunk buddy christ was one of the best costumes at SDCC. #sdcc2014




One of my dearest friends was found on the side of the road, unconscious and bloody. She was wearing this cosplay on the day it happened. She was last seen with friends when she ran off after a disagreement. Please, please, please, if you have ANY information or saw her anywhere, contact her mother. The full information is down below. This isn’t okay and it’s sickening to know that this happened at a place people truly can enjoy themselves. Please spread the word.

 ”I just received a call from the San Diego Police Department and my daughter Emily Weyer aka Milly Makara was found on the side of the road covered in blood with no ID unconscious. They are unsure what happened to her. My husband is on his way to the police station and then the hospital. If you have any information on what happened to her please send me a facebook message or call me at 951 229 3394. Thank you in advance”. -JILL WEYER

Oh my god, what.

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I had to hold back some serious joyful weepies when I was handed this. Thank you Josh, I am honoured and humbled. #joshuacassara #heroesofechocompany #sdcc2014 #warheadcomic