Beautiful eyes.


Also it’s my birthday tomorrow.

The past three years have been me holed up working or being unstable or feeling bad for myself.

This weekend will be an extravaganza of joviality and shenanigans.

Pre-birthday sushi tonight with family.
Driving down to SD tomorrow for dinner, drinks, and dancing.
Second verse same as the first on Saturday, after hiking and some beach action.
Brunch with friends on Sunday.Driving back home on Monday.

Excite. :>

But now isswork time.

Finally sorted out a major plot road-block for two spec projects.

Let the writing/thumbing commence!



Sorry amigo, that’s all there is.

Dresses and me happen about as often as the blue moon.

You also have a very interesting definition of elegance.
I would not call myself elegant, so thank you.

Silly and awesome at once.

#vegas #las vegas

I sometimes wear dresses and look like some sort of humanoid, punk Evangelion unit.

Viva Vegas, my friends

Echoes from APE, 2014

My face and other shenanigans.

Photos credit Lefteris Savva.

I’m learning that it is very difficult for me to function productively without daily cardio, which for me is dancing.

And very difficult for me to function at all without music.

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…you put onto dragons! ksanzo mezzalunanova

What was that you said about not getting into every fad on the internet?